Filtro a rete 1"1/2 M in acciaio zincato con calza nylon

Screen filter 3" spherical with nylon mesh filter

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The screen filter is typically used as a safety filter on water systems. It is usually installed after hydrocyclones to removes all small organic particles (300 to 100 micron).

  • Water flow: 36 m³/h ; 10 lt/sec
  • Filtering area: 1650 cm²
  • Pressure: max 8 bar
  • Inlets: 3" spherical
  • Reliable and long lasting hot galvanized steel body
Mesh size



  • Water flow: 36 m³/h ; 10 lt/sec
  • Filtering area: 1650 cm²
  • Available nylon mesh filters: 50, 80, 120, 150 mesh
  • Body length: 500 mm 
  • Body diameter: 170 mm 
  • Purge thread: 3/4" male
  • Inlets: 3" spherical
  • Pressure: max 8 bar
  • Gaskets in nitrile rubber

Screen filters advantages:

Screen filters are often used as a safety feature of an installation. All dirt particles above a certain size are captured. Their purpose is twofold: to signal a problem in the upstream part of the installation, while protecting the downstream part of the installation.

L'AGREN filters can filter from 300 to 100 micron particles depending on nylon mesh filter used. Screen filters are often installed after hydrocyclone or sand media filters to remove very small particles that other filters can't filter.


When the pressure differential between the two manometers is above 1 bar you need to purge the filter opening the 3/4" purge valve.

Galvanized steel
3" spherical
Filtering area
1650 cm²
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