Rotary brush filter 4" flanged DN100 with stainless steel mesh

Rotary brush filter 6" flanged DN150 with stainless steel mesh

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The rotary brush filter with stainless steel cylinder and mesh is the ultimate solution for watering systems using hose and driplines.

  • Water flow: 162 m³/h ; 45 lt/sec
  • Filtering area:5000 cm²
  • Pressure: max 10 bar
  • IN/OUT: 6" flanged DN150
  • Reliable and long lasting hot galvanized steel body



  • Water flow: 162 m³/h ; 45 lt/sec
  • Filtering area: 5000 cm²
  • 6 bolts closing
  • Body length: 800 mm 
  • Body diameter: 274 mm 
  • Purge thread: 1" female
  • IN/OUT inlets: 6" flanged DN150
  • Pressure: max 10 bar
  • Gaskets in nitrile rubber
  • It's suggested to keep the purge valve semi-opened to allow the flush of particles.

Rotary brush filters advantages:

Rotary brush filters are often used on irrigation systems to filter small and medium size particles and are the best on irrigation system using hoses and driplines which are typically blocked by particles. Rotary brush filters are used instead of screen mesh filters. Main rotary brush filters feature is the capability to clean the cylinder through the crank which moves the brush. When the input pressure gets higher than 2.5 bars the brush is self moved. For this reason it's suggested to keep the purge valve semi-opened to allow the flush of particles.

These filters are often installed after hydrocyclone or sand media filters to remove very small particles that other filters can't filter.

In case of damages to steel mesh caused by big particles L'AGREN rotary brush filters can always be repaired at a very low cost.


  • Filter waters on irrigation systems using hoses and driplines.
  • Enhance water purity on all watering systems
  • Best for water cooling systems
  • Best for water recirculation systems
  • Best for water transportation systems
  • Best for irrigation systems using sprays and pop-up. 


When the pressure difference between input and output gauge is over 1 bar the purge valve must be fully opened, then start to use the crank to move the brush which flushes particles away.

After using the filter for a while we suggest you to inspect the stainless steel mesh by opening the 3 hooks closing.

Galvanized steel
Flange type
Filtering area
5000 cm²
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