Hydrocyclone sand separator cyclone filter 1 "1/4 M

Hydrocyclone sand separator cyclone filter 1 "1/4 M


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Hydrocyclone sand filter AGREN removes up to 90% of sand and particles greater than 75 μ present in the water of your system.

  • Hydrocyclone flow rate: 9 m³ / h; 2.5 l / sec
  • Connections: 1 "1/4 male threaded
  • Sand collection tank: 1 "male thread
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Resistant and long-lasting thanks to the hot-dip galvanized steel body

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Thread1" 1/4 male

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To choose the right hydrocyclone you need to know the pressure and flow rate of the system and the diameter of your pipe.

  • The 1 "1/4 hydrocyclone is the right choice if your system has: pipes of at least 1" 1/4, your pump a flow rate of at least 9 m³ / h (i.e. 2.5 l / sec or 150 l / min) and a pressure greater than or equal to 2 bar.
  • If you have a pressure of less than 2 bar you can take a 1 "hydrocyclone and increase the pressure using a reduction between the tubing and the 1" hydrocyclone.
  • If, on the other hand, you have a system with pipes and a greater flow rate, you can consider the idea of a larger hydrocyclone (1 "1/2, 2", ...).


The hydrocyclone must be connected at the outlet to your pump.

If the pipe diameter is equal to the hydrocyclone just use a 32x1 "female fitting. If the pipe diameter is greater than 1" use a reduction.

A female 1 "ball drain valve that you find among our accessories must be connected to the sand collection tank. To obtain an automatic sand discharge effect, it is possible to leave the tank drain valve open by about 10 degrees, thus allowing it to escape. automatic sandblasting. hydrocyclone particle discharge valve
Finally, connect a 1/4 "M pressure gauge with stainless steel case and glycerine in the 1/4" female coupling located at the inlet of the hydrocyclone. hydrocyclone pressure gauge


The AGREN separator cyclone is suitable for both domestic , agricultural and industrial use and is essential to remove sand and other particles present in the water by separating up to 90% of sand and particles with a grain size greater than 75 μ ( to remove particles below this particle size it is recommended to connect a mesh filter at the outlet of the hydrocyclone )

Advantages for home use :

  • you extend the life of your plumbing system by preventing them from messing around: pipes, tap diffusers, boilers, dishwashers and all appliances that use water.

Advantages for irrigation :

  • If you draw water from rivers, wells or lakes to irrigate, the particles present can damage or reduce the efficiency of your irrigation system by clogging sprinklers, dripping wings, valves and heads.


the centrifugal force of the tangential inlet water separates the sand that slides on the filter wall, precipitating downwards where it is collected in the tank below. To empty the tank, simply open the drain valve. (valve not included).

The centrifugal speed depends on the flow rate and pressure. The greater the flow rate or pressure of the liquid, the greater the centrifugal force, the more efficient the separator will be.


Unlike the products of other brands which are simply painted, L'AGREN 's hydrocyclone sand trap is made entirely of hot-dip galvanized steel . This guarantees you a much greater reliability and duration over time.

Hot dip galvanizing compared to other protections :

Bonded to steelThey do not bind to steelSeparate lining
Very long lifeVariable durationsVariable durations
Electrochemically protectsWithout electrochemical protectionWithout electrochemical protection
Excellent damage resistanceGood damage resistancePoor resistance to damage
Excellent abrasion resistanceGood abrasion resistancePoor resistance to abrasion
Very easy to inspectSometimes difficult to inspectEasy enough to inspect

Dimensions: A = 820mm; B = 400mm; C = 168mm; D = 685mm. (see image below)

hydrocyclone filter


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