Hydrocyclone sand separator filter 3/4" male for irrigation

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Hydrocyclone sand separator filter 3/4" male for irrigation


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L'AGREN MINI hydrocyclone sand separator filter is used for separating sand and other solid particles from the water coming from wells, rivers or lakes.

  • Inlets: 3/4" male threads
  • Pressure: max 10 bar
  • Body filter in hot deep galvanized steel
  • Water flow: 3.6 m³/h ; 1 lt/sec
  • Separates up to 90% of particles with granulometry higher than 75 μ.
  • Size cm: 82x40x16

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Thread3/4" male

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Why buy a sand separator? The sand or other solid particles present in well water can reduce the efficiency of the irrigation system equipment by plugging and clogging sprinklers, drip emitters, valves, and spray nozzles. 

Why buy L'AGREN onesDifferently from other brands, the L'AGREN hydrocyclones are more robust, reliable and with a longer life because they are not just painted but they are built with 3mm hot galvanized steel. 

Due to its simple structure, it is more economic and easy to use from the other sand separators. L’Agren hydrocyclons causes minimum pressure loss in filtration systems. 

TIP: If your water pressure is equal or higher than 2 bars you can buy an hydrocyclone with the same diameter (thread) of your pipes. Otherwise, we suggest you to buy an hydrocyclone with a thread just one size smaller than your pipes. For example if you 1" pipes and 1 bar and 1/2 of pressure we suggest you to buy a 3/4" threaded hydrocyclone.

How it worksWell water containing sand get into the unit tangentially inducing centrifugal action. This moves heavier particles to sides of the separator. Solids drop into collection chamber at the bottom and they are purged as required from it through a valve (not included).

The pressure and the flow determine the centrifugal speed. The higher the centrifugal strength, the higher will be the percentage of sand separated from the water.

This hydrocyclone separates up to 90% of particles with granulometry higher than 75 μ.

Size: A: 820mm; B: 400mm; C: 168mm; D: 685mm (see image below)


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