Dual chamber sand media filter DN80 3" with automatic backwash kit

Dual chamber sand media filter DN80 3" with automatic backwash kit View larger

Dual chamber sand media filter DN80 3" with automatic backwash kit


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Dual chamber sand media filter DN80 3" in galvanized steel with automatic backwash:

  • Max pressure: 18 bar.
  • Water flow: 30-60 m3/h.
  • Total sand: 275Kg, 1-2mm sand

Backwash kit included with:

  • Galvanized backwash collector.
  • Two three-way backwash valves.
  • Backwash controller unit.
  • Two 1" continuous air release valves.
  • 3 stainless steel glicerine manometers.
  • Bolts.
  • Sand not included.

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Data sheet

Pressure max18 bar
Flange typeDN80

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  • Max pressure: 18 Bar
  • Hatch diameter: 130mm
  • Body diameter: 600mm
  • Inlets: flanged DN80 (3")
  • Total sand: 275 Kg, 1-2mm sand


  • Backwash collector (DN80 x 2" M x 2" M)
  • Two three-way backwash valves with 2" F - 2" F - 2" F inlets, built with open-closed-automatic working modes and 9 VDC latching solenoids.
  • Backwash controller unit with 9V differential pressure sensor. Installed on stainless steel plate for a batter support and protection. As shown in the picture the controller unit comes with 3/4" plastic pre-filter (mesh 120 - 130 micron) for a better pre-filter protection and longer lifetime. Tip: if you stop using the dual chamber filter for a long time we suggest: a) make a deep backwash to avoid the sand to compact b) empty the filter from the remaining water using the two plugs below, c) remove the batteries from the controller unit to avoid rusting.
  • Controller unit batteries included (about 1 year lasting).
  • Two 1" continous air release valves.
  • Three glicerine manometer with stainless steel case. (0 - 10 bar scale).
  • Bolts included.
  • We suggest you to use quartzite sand with granulometry 0,8 - 1,2 or above.


L'AGREN sand media filters ensure very small particles filtering, like microorganisms and organic materials, that can cause irrigation system malfunctioning. 

Thanks to their wide filtration area, dual chamber sand media filters are tipically installed if you have water with algae, micro-algae and organic material.


Unlike the other filters that are just painted, L'AGREN dual chamber sand media filters are fully built in galvanized steel. This allow you to have definitely better reliability and a much longer lasting!

Galvanized steel vs other coatings:

Attached to steelNot attached to steelSeparated coating
Very long lastingVariable lastingVariable lasting
Electro chemically protectedNo electro chemically protectedNo electro chemically protected
Excellent damages protectionGood damages protectionPoor damages protection
Excellent scrapes protectionGood scrapes protectionPoor scrapes protection
Very easy to inspectCan be hard to inspectQuite easy to inspect



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