Accessories and spare parts for irrigation like: nipple, clamp saddles, valve boxes, riser extension and nozzles for sprinklers and much more.

Pozzetti impianti irrigazione
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Rectangular valve box Rain Ez-OPEN model PZRM113 for irrigation.  Hosts up to four 1" electric valves.  Size: base. 520/400 x H 330 mm 100% polypropylene.  Resistant to UV rays Corrosion free and rust free Handle for an easy opening. PZRM 115: 670x490xH 330 mm (up to six 1" electric valves)
Testina femmina Rain Testina femmina Rain 2
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Female threaded nozzles for sprays with arc range 0-360°. Supporting Rain S020 sprays, NPS, PRO S SPRAY. Available models: 8A  10A 12A 15A 17A Spray radius changes according to the selected nozzle (see details).
Rain LATCHING SOLENOID 9 V for electric valves
9V electric valves

Rain LATCHING SOLENOID 9 V for electric valves

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Rain is proud to present the new range of solenoids valves equipped with an adaptor to open and close the valve manually with internal bleed. This improvement makes the opening and closing operation easier and safer. This changing interests also solenoid’s thread: it is now a3/4-20 UNF standard. 
Other accessories

Purge valve 1" F-F for hydrocyclones

Purge valve 1" F-F for hydrocyclones. This valve fits the hydrocyclones 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1"1/4, 1"1/2 models.
Purge valve 3/4" F-F for hydrocyclones and auto cleaning filters
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Other accessories

Purge valve 3/4" F-F for screen filters

Purge valve 3/4" F-F for screen filters. This valve fits the screen filters 2" and 3".
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