1/2" and 3/4" static and rotor sprinklers for irrigation.

Dinamic rotor sprinkler K-Rain SUPER PRO 3/4" with replacement nozzles included. Inlet -3/4” Threaded NPT Arc Adjustment Range -  40 to 360 degrees Flow Range - 1.70 – 35.96 l./m. 0.10 - 2.16 m3/h. (.5 to 10.0 GPM) Pressure Rating – 2.00 to 4.83 bar. (30 to 70 PSI) Radius – 7.9 to 14.9m (28’ to 49’)

Rotor Sprinkler 3/4" Rain S075

Rain S075 is the first Rain gear driven sprinkler. Is designed for basic residential and light commercial application and is ideal for low flow applications. Rain S075 rotates counter clockwise from fixed right start position nd has an easy top adjustment procedure. The arc range that is from 40° to 360° provides a full range of adjustment.
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The MINI PRO Sprinkler is perfect for irrigating small lawn and landscape areas and saves water and money when used to replace spray heads. 1/2" inlet Adjustable 40 to 360 Degrees  5 nozzles included (one is already installed)
Testina femmina Rain Testina femmina Rain 2
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Female threaded nozzles for sprays with arc range 0-360°. Supporting Rain S020 sprays, NPS, PRO S SPRAY. Available models: 8A  10A 12A 15A 17A Spray radius changes according to the selected nozzle (see details).
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